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The word AMITY is derived
originally from Latin
Which connotes friendship based on affinity.
Amity still exceeds the ordinary sense of friendship
as it includes the base of spiritual tie
which very naturally promotes life long amicable and
affectionate human relationship.

Amity not just a name or yet another educational institute but, a noble mission was founded in 1986 with a view of carving a niche for creative, innovative & progressive learning. The institution was founded by a team of prominent educationists who have dedicated their life and career for the cause of education.

The humble start twenty years back did not have much of materialistic strength. However the vision of the noble mission was crystal clear in the minds of the mentors. This ideological strength propelled the mission forward to become a reckoned name, working tirelessly towards the betterment of education, students, society and in turn the mankind. The sprawling campus was not built in a day but is a fixture that identifies with the never say die spirit of the School Parivaar that never succumbed to any hindrance and went all out to overcome the same.

We firmly believe only education can enlighten the spirit of the soul and spawn brotherhood amongst human beings across the world. Thus Amity or friendship is the guiding principle of the institution and we look at making the world a better place to live with a friendly bliss all around. Apart from being brilliant performers in their respective streams Amitians are the ambassadors of friendship who share with the world the essence of amity that they imbibe at school.

The Amitians are destined to be shining stars in terms of academic excellence. This is ensured by the intricate endeavor of their mentors as well as the school management who leave no stone unturned to make the best of intellectual as well as infrastructural facilities available to them. They are given numerous opportunities to discover and develop their true potential. Careful craftsmanship bestows shimmer to these diamonds and they come out with flying colors in all their accomplishments.

Besides this the Amitians learn the most important lesson of life while in school, the lesson of humanity. Veteran Gujarat literary & educationist Padmashree Umashankar Joshi has said “It would be more than enough if ‘I’ the man could only be human.” Inculcating human values is thus an integral part of education at Amity. We all know example is better than percept and thus the Amitians never miss an opportunity to reach out to the fellow beings in distress.

Society is a mirror that reflects the eminence of education. We share a close bond with the society which enables us to look at ourselves and constantly improvise in our quest for excellence. The school magazine Maitri Setu symbolises a bridge of friendship between the school & the society. Various social issues from ‘war to peace’ to safeguarding the birth & rights of the girl child are addressed by the school through a range of activities from time to time

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